Sex Offender Registry

In order to maintain awareness of sex offenders living in your neighborhood, we have added a Sex Offender Registry to our website. The registry will allow you to enter any local address. It will then provide a list of all registered Hendricks County sex offenders living within a one-mile radius within the boundaries of Hendricks County. If you are looking for information about a particular sex offender, registered in Hendricks County, the registry can help there as well.

We encourage you to take advantage of the free email notification. When a sex offender registers with the Hendricks County IN Sheriff's Office you will be alerted if the offender's address is:
1. In Hendricks County, and 2. Within 1 mile of the address you entered on your subscription.

The Hendricks County IN Sheriff's Office maintains a Sex Offender Registry as a public service tool. Individuals listed on this registry have been convicted of a sexual offense that requires them to meet a number of mandates including annual registration with law enforcement. This registry is designed to increase community safety and awareness.

This information is meant to educate you about offenders in Hendricks County. It has not been made available for you to take action against any individual. Any action against an offender which is determined to be a violation of law will subject the violator to arrest and prosecution. Please report all information on offenders directly to our office.


(This information is maintained by the Hendricks County Sheriffs Office)

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