In Indiana, the Clerk-Treasurer of Danville is elected every four years. They are crucial in managing the town's official records and serve as the Chief Financial Officer. Their duties, outlined by state and municipal codes, encompass various responsibilities, making them key players in the local government.

    The Clerk-Treasurer can hire and oversee staff, manage municipal budgets, and attend to utility matters. They hold a position of equal importance alongside the Town Council and Town Manager. While they don't have full control over wage decisions and final budget approval, they may break tie votes in Town Council meetings. Over time, the Clerk-Treasurer's role has evolved from a mere bookkeeper to a financial manager, significantly impacting the town's financial health.

    Administrative Duties:

    • Maintains personnel files and other employment-related records for town employees.
    • Completes required reports for the County and State.
    • Attends training sessions, meetings, and seminars approved by the Town Council.
    • Acts as Clerk for Town Council meetings, keeping records of proceedings, ordinances, resolutions, and directions.
    • Conducts research on local, county, and state regulations for the town's needs.
    • Manages public records, decides on information disbursement, and handles official documents.

    Financial Duties:

    • Processes bills and claims, ensuring budget compliance and issues payments approved by the Town Council.
    • Manages timesheets and maintains payroll records.
    • Assists in preparing the annual budget and certifying the levy.
    • Files approved accounts and updates the Town's record books.
    • Prepares budget documents in compliance with Indiana statutes.
    • Allocates tax revenues to various entities as required by law.


    • Publishes or posts ordinances and resolutions as per Indiana statutes.
    • Shares bids, RFPs, job openings, and other town notices.
    • Provides required notices according to Indiana statutes and Town regulations.

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